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Jeff Ellis

Jeff Ellis

Jeff Ellis

Chief Personal Lending
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10 Years as Finance Mgr in Fortune 500 Corp

First attempt at Entrepreneurship in mid-1990’s failed—partner problems plus lack of adequate capital for long term funding.

Personal Bankruptcy BK7 as a result

Since personal credit was damaged, with no quick relief available at that time, immersed in learning to build Business Credit with No PG, and later with a new partner as a PG.

Raised over $800,000 in Corp Credit 2003-2004 with new parter, started new from scratch retail business with the funds.

Signed 5-year lease for retail space in Oct 2003, business was successful and later profitable in years 3, 4, and 5, ever increasing sales, revenue and customer reviews.

Outgrew original space, signed 5-year lease for new larger space prior to expiration of original lease, secured $250k construction loan as well.

However, in Oct 2008, the exact expiration of the original lease, the Financial Meltdown happened, and all Small Business Credit was frozen at banks nationwide, and our construction loan was pulled. We tried to secure a new construction loan for over 100 financial institutions for 8 nonstop months, received over 100 “No’s”.

We lost everything.

Once personal credit began to be restored after the recession in 2013, I focused on underwriting personal funding, and 6 years later have mastered that service with many happy clients.

However, over the past 3 years technology changes plus massive data breaches have made getting credit approvals very difficult for all but the most flawless credit profiles. I have answered this challenge my mastering, more than anyone else in the USA, the extreme detail required to function as a master bank and credit union underwriter.

In early 2019, I found the perfect partnership with Breitman Capital, every team member has been vetted to the very highest standard. Our future is truly unlimited, and we welcome you to experience funding at a level never before seen in the USA

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